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SJDB Voucher Consultants

Guiding injured workers to a new path

¡Hablamos Español!

SJDB Voucher Consultants

Guiding injured workers to a new path

¡Hablamos Español!

About Us

PS Vocational Consulting, Inc is a one-stop solution when it comes to guiding injured workers towards a new path that is possible, benefiting, and leading to new endeavors of success. Being in the field for the past 20 years, PS vocational consulting, Inc makes sure that your rehabilitation process, which is often quite complicated, becomes motivating and spellbinding. We help you choose a career and then prepare you for it, not just with compassion and empathy, but also with the right skills and tools required. We place you where you should be.

Services We Provide

SJDB Vouchers

The Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) comes in the form of a non-transferable voucher that can be used to pay for educational retraining or skill enhancement at state-approved or accredited schools.

Return-to-Work Supplement Program

Employees injured on or after January 1, 2013, who have received a SJDB  voucher may also qualify for an additional one-time $5,000 payment.


Professional Counselors will conduct an assessment to identify the skills needed to maximize new career opportunities.


Ps Vocational Consulting Inc, helps injured workers retraining in some of the fastest growing occupations


We can help them complete job applications, draft a resume and prepare for interviews.

Client’s Testimonials

Patricia have been working with my clients for several years and has always acted with compassion toward the injured worker. They have been effective in successfully returning injured workers to the labor force. I recommend them without reservation.

Thank you…for the counseling support and great information I got while in my training program.